Zombie Apocalypse Zombie Apocalypse

Rex Cutty

When is Zombie Apocalypse Coming? August 1, 2016

Much has been talked about zombies and if they were possible at all. Numerous research studies have revealed that they could actually happen and that zombies are not all made up. However, the type of zombie manifestation and extent of its outbreak has yet to be determined and humans need not look at it based…

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What Are the Chances of a Zombie Outbreak? July 25, 2016

Zombie movies and TV shows are the craze right now. This post-apocalyptic, alternative world might seem too real to the eyes of the audience that you have found yourself wondering if a zombie outbreak could possibly happen. It is important to know if it is scientifically possible in order for you to plan ahead. But…

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Reasons Why a Zombie Apocalypse Is Possible July 18, 2016

When you watch TV shows like The Walking Dead, even though you know it is a fictional world, it is hard to deny that you wonder if any of these could be scientifically possible. Humans turning into mindless killing machines are one of the strangest things to come out of TV and film, but are…

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Chapter 3 – So What Are We Up Against? October 14, 2014

As much as I hate to say it, everything that follows in this chapter is all technically “speculation” on my part. I’m not going to tell you that I have a friend who has a friend who has a brother-in-law who knows a guy who might work for a government think tank with initials nobody…

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Chapter 2 – Buy an Altoids ® Tin October 14, 2014

Zombies hate bad breath. Sorry. Took the low hanging fruit on that one. Back to our regularly scheduled apocalypse. An Altoids ® tin is big enough to hold adequate minimal survival gear to get you through a few days if you’re stuck away from home and your main source of supplies. In survivalist speak, we’re talking about an…

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Chapter 1 – It Has Now Hit The Fan October 14, 2014

Had fun with all the zombie jokes, did you? Well, the undead . . . stuff . . . has now hit the proverbial fan one way or the other and you’ve decided to get with the program. Welcome to the new reality. Don’t worry, if you’re not planning on getting tough, it’ll be a short ride.…

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