Zombie Apocalypse is real, and it’s already happening. But before you click exit and think I’m nuts, spare me 5 minutes of your time and continue reading. The zombie apocalypse I’m referring is not the typical scenario you in Hollywood movies or in TV show such as Walking Dead. If you haven’t heard of drugs like synthetic marijuana, bath salts and molly, then it‘s important that you should be aware of these dangerous things – especially if you have kids, as they can give anyone a high that can be likened to being a zombie.

These drugs are so dangerous, and the most dangerous thing about them is their high is actually being glorified by celebrities and mainstream media. Singers sing about the effects of these drugs in their music videos, and it’s actually not difficult to spot which songs today are heavily influenced by drugs or promote the use and abuse of such substances. Molly for example, is likened to Ecstasy, and there are many forms of these substances being marketed as legal and synthetic alternatives to street drugs. Unfortunately though, these substances are of the same chemicals that cause people to go crazy, influencing people to eat other’s faces, like a zombie.

If you haven’t seen the ‘zombie attack’ caused by bath salt drugs, check it online. There’s actually a compilation of news and clips on YouTube about it.

This is NOT Science Fiction, Look Around, It’s Truly Happening

Our society has degraded all the way down to the gutter; today’s youth will do anything and everything to escape from reality. They use drugs as their means to escape, but not without harmful consequences, like turning them into real-life walking, face-eating zombies. Yes it is disheartening, but it shouldn’t stop us from playing the roles of heroes. It should sever as wake-up call for us to help salvage our society.  

Our Sick Society

Understand that we’re not talking about Walking Dead-kind of zombies here. We’re talking about people who are so high on drugs, and different forms of degenerating factors, such as toxic reality TV, smartphones, etc., that poisons the mind of our youth, morphing them to mindless, soulless zombies, with no regard for human life.  You think I’m exaggerating? Think again. Take a good look at our society.

Consumerism Is Peaking

People will kill for the latest iPhone. Forget those mindless consumerists who sit or camp in line for a day when the latest model hits the market. People are actually killing other people over iPhones – in 201 and 2012 alone, we have seen horrifying series of murders centered on the newest model of iPhone, from the suicidal factory worker in Apple’s manufacturing plant in Taiwan, a 17-yeard old who was run over for smashing his girlfriend’s iPhone, a 24-year old dad who fought and died for a stolen iPhone, etc.

Note that we should never blame iPhone for all these tragedies. No one is to be blamed but our sick society. Our culture is obsessed with material things, and people are willing to be violent just to get a hold of these things. And it’s not just iPhone.

Study shows 70% of Americans depend on prescription drugs to function. 50% depend on government assistance to survive.  The average American spends 40 hours a week watching TV, while the younger generation spends more than 7 hours a day consuming digital media. This is the kind of zombie apocalypse the world is facing right now.